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KNX Training Perth 16th-19th May

KNX Course

The four-day KNX Certification course is for individuals or larger
teams who will gain all the information they need to start working with
KNX. The full KNX Basic Certification course includes KNX theory and
practical training in ETS (the independent programming tool).

This course is concluded with an exam on the last day and a path to
Partner Status, which includes representation on the KNX website and the
right to join the national association. 

Custom made training cases are provided for the practical activities.
You will need to bring a laptop with you to use during the course for
the programming element of the theoretical training.

Perth KNX Basic Certification Course 16th - 19th May 2017 

Content covered:

  • Practical training in ETS
  • System arguments for KNX
  • KNX topology
  • KNX telegram
  • Commissioning KNX
  • KNX diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • KNX bus devices
  • ETS commissioning
  • ETS diagnostics
  • ETS project planning

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