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Functional Overview of the Basalte Auro Cresnet PIR

The Basalte Cresnet PIR can do a lot more than just detect motion. Read on for a full functional overview.

Basalte Auro in Black or White
Basalte Auro in Black or White

Motion detection

The Basalte Auro motion sensor will report any motion detected when entering the sensor’s detection area. The sensor will stay active for as long as the movement takes place.The central LED can follow motion, indicating when the sensor is active, or it can manually be controlled over the Cresnet bus to operate as path or night light 

Lux Sensor (only on white unit)

The Auro has a built-in light sensor which can be used for light dependent switching, dimming and scene control. The lux value can be reported cyclically or on a minimal value change and is sent directly to the Cresnet bus.

Temperature sensing

The Auro has a built-in temperature sensor as well, discretely reporting the room temperature on the Cresnet bus, while it can also be used to trigger a heat alarm in case of abnormal temperature rise. The temperature value can be reported cyclically or on a minimal value change, both in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. 


In SIMPL Windows, a ‘Basalte Auro Configuration’ module is used for every Auro motion sensor in the project, to define the functionality of the sensor. This is then linked with the device symbol in the Program System window.

Auro Device Symbol in Simp
Auro Device Symbol in Simp

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