Product Guide

Guidelines for Mounting GIRA Smoke Detectors

Gira Smoke Alarm Dual Q

When selecting the installation site for the smoke alarm device, the specifications of DIN 14676 apply. The most important specifications are as follows:

  • Attach as close as possible to the centre of the ceiling (min. distance of 50 cm from walls, lights and other obstructions)
  • One smoke alarm device per room (max. 60 m2 area)
  • Do not install in direct proximity of heat source

If possible, do not install the smoke alarm device until all renovation or building work has been completed. This is to prevent a build up of dust in the device. Should this not be possible, cover the smoke alarm device until the work is complete. Alternatively, you can remove the smoke alarm device for the duration of the work. Once the work is complete, the original functional readiness of the installed smoke alarm device must be restored and tested (function test).