Product Guide

Reading the Level of a Storage Tank

Using an ultrasonic fill level sensor, it is possible to accurately measure the fill level of a storage tank. This opens up the possibility of automatically ordering more diesel on a rural property, or adapting user behaviour if a grey water tank is running low to prevent it being refilled from the mains supply. 

The measurement of the filling levels is based upon a runtime measurement of the ultrasound impulses emitted by the sensor, as they are reflected by the medium and then registered by the sensor. Minimum and maximum levels can be set on site and the measurement can be represented in volume fill level in litres or cubic meters, level, distance and volume fill level in percentage.

There are two models available for measuring different fluid heights:  0.15m - 2.5m and 0.75m - 6.0m. Both models require an additional 9-12VDC/35mA.