Product Spotlight

4 Reasons to check out ABB-free@home®

free@home is the latest in home automation technology from ABB. The all-in-one solution makes installation and commissioning easy and convenient, helping you grow your business further to provide your customers with an easy to operate Smart Home System.

Reason One.

It makes installation and commissioning easy and convenient.

We think it's an awesome system! Having been involved in a number of projects using ABB-free@home, we've seen first hand how functional, economical, easy to install and program this system is.

Reason Two.

free@home comes fully loaded as standard.

Out the box it's ready to go with intercom integration, dedicated App, Sonos compatibility, Geo fencing, voice control, appliance integration and an open API.

Reason Three.

free@home is already setting a new standard for the best buildings in Australia. If you haven't already, check out Adelaide's first 10 star energy efficient home as featured in Glamadelaide and Sustainable House Day.

ABB-free@home was used to control everything you see in this email!

Reason Four.

It is free to join our free@home® certified installer program!

Our ABB certified installer program gives you access to a range of great benefits, including:
  • free training
  • tech support
  • preferential pricing
  • your company listed on the ABB Free@home website.

Ivory Egg's summary.

ABB-free@home is easy to remote control via a switch on the wall, with a laptop, or with a smartphone. It is extremely convenient, intuitive, comfortable, and takes energy efficiency to a new level.

With only a minimal cost compared to conventional electrical installations, ABB-free@home is the logical next step in your development. 

You can contact the Ivory Egg team on +61 1300 811 510 to arrange a free demo or shop free@home online now. 

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