Product Spotlight

Geofencing and ABB free@home

ABB-free@home is a feature-rich home automation solution

Not only is the ABB free@home solution is easy to set up and use, but it is also packed with features, including geofencing at a really great price point, making it a fantastic option for many homeowners looking to automate their homes. 

What does geofencing enable?

The geofencing function can trigger actions or scenes when a user enters or leaves a defined location. 

The new geofencing feature of ABB-free@home lets you draw an imaginary fence around your home and other locations. Upon entering or leaving these fences the ABB-free@home system automatically performs your predefined actions.

For example, with geofencing around your home and workplace, when you leave your home to go to work all of the lights can be automatically turned off, or when you leave work, this can trigger the heating and lights to be turned on ready for you when you get home.

Geofencing with ABB free@home
Geofencing creates a virtual fence around your property

Watch this short video on how to activate geofencing with free@home

The screenshot below shows how to set up your locations

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