B1 Prefix system wing bracket set
KAISER 1211-00

B1 Prefix system wing bracket set

Product code: 1211-00
The B1 Prefix® system wing allows fast, easy fixing to the reinforcement. This means optimal installation on the opposing formwork side and for free-standing reinforcement, and also for sliding or travelling formwork constructions. All wall applications in the new B1 range have slots for the locking of two Prefix® system wings. This ensures fast, easy installation on the opposing formwork side.
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  • Fast, easy installation on rebar without support element before front formwork placed against it
  • Holding in place using the Prefix® installation technology leaves both hands free for securing with tying wire
  • A pronounced corrugated profile and additional fixing opportunities for secure fixing using tie wires
  • Combinable when using wall and ceiling transitions
  • For installation in exposed concrete, pressed against the front formwork
  • Suitable for 20 - 60 mm concrete covers

Technical Details


  • Facilitates attachment to the reinforcement
  • Pre-fixing by means of B1 Prefix® installation technology
  • Can be used for the following articles:
  • B1 device socket
  • B1 device connection socket
  • B1 large-conduit device connection socket
  • B1 electronics socket
  • B1 two-device connection socket
  • B1 wall light connection socket
  • B1 universal wall outlet
  • B1 Prefix® adapter - Ø 20, Ø 25 and Ø 32 mm

Length: 103 mm
Width: 49 mm
Depth: 36 mm
For concrete coverings of: 20 - 60 mm
Number of wings: 2




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