Deseo front - white glass
BASALTE 0301-24

Deseo front - white glass

Product code: 0301-24
Deseo offers a simple and innovative user interface with touch-sensitive sensors that allow you to navigate through all functions in a room. Lights, scenes and shades, even the multi-room audio system can be controlled at the slightest touch.The general menu displays the main functionalities in the room (lights, temperature, shading...) and the sub menu then contains all individual elements, ready to easily be controlled.
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Deseo has four touch sensitive fields: The UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons.Any touch surface can be used to wake the display. This will show the first active page. Normally this is the start page, if the start page is not active, the first main menu item will be displayed.

If there is only one main menu item enabled, the first page of this menu will be displayed.

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to browse through the main menus. At the desired main menu, use the RIGHT button to browse through the menu items. Use the LEFT button to go back to the main menu. Touching the LEFT sensor from the main menu will force the display to return to the start screen.

If the start screen is disabled, the first active main menu item will be shown. At the desired function menu item, use the UP and DOWN button to control the current function.

Labels at the top and bottom of the screen will provide more information about the current function of the UP and DOWN button.

The white light´s on the left and right sides indicate whether or not the LEFT and RIGHT button are enabled.

The text on the start screen and the main menus are displayed in a blue font. The text on the function pages is displayed in a white font.

Touching the upper and lower surface of the device simultaneously will trigger the multitouch event.

Technical Details


  • Touch controlled menu
  • 1 multi-touch functionality
  • 1.7" oled display
  • Temperature sensor with integrated thermostat logic
  • Combined with 300-02 electronics for KNX



    Brand BASALTE
    Technology KNX
    Design range BASALTE Retro
    Frame finish White
    Switch action Capacitive Touch
    Mounting Flush
    Back Box Round European
    Buttons 3
    Input voltage 24VDC
    HVAC support Temp Sensing + Regulation
    Status LED's RGB value
    Buscoupler Not Included
    IP rating IP20
    brand BASALTE

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