KNX F40 Universal push-button extension module 4-gang

KNX F40 Universal push-button extension module 4-gang

Product code: 4094TSEM
The F40 KNX push buttons have a spacious and flat design. They offer convenient operation via large buttons, making them simple to use, even for users unfamiliar with KNX.

This item requires a push button cover, which can be any 4 gang kit in the LS, AS and A ranges.

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For the extension of up to 8 additional push-buttons for the devices:

  • Universal push-button module (ref.-no. 419.. TSM)
  • Room controller display compact module (ref.-no. 4093 KRM TS D)
  • Room controller display module 2-gang (ref.-no. RCD .. 4092 M)

Preferred installation: vertical

Adapter frames are included in delivery: ref.-no. LS 4 AR for LS range (pre-mounted) and ref.-no. CD 4 AR for CD range. AS / A ranges without adapter frame.

Red LED: status indication

Technical Details


KNX medium: TP1 256
Commissioning mode: S-mode
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV
Power consumption: KNX typ. 150 mW
Current Consumption: KNX Typ. 5mA
Connection mode: KNX device connection terminal
Measuring range: -5 ... +45 C
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45 C
Storage/transport temperature: -25 ... +70 C



Technology KNX
Brand JUNG
Design range Jung F40
Switch action Push Button
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
Buttons 8
HVAC support Temperature Sensing
Status LED's Blue and Red
Buscoupler Integrated
IP rating IP20

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