6131/10-24-500 Wg Presence tech KNX
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ABB 6131/10-24-500

6131/10-24-500 Wg Presence tech KNX

Product code: 6132-0-0295
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The Busch-Watchdog KNX Presence detector offers movement detection with 2 channels and constant light switching.

Constant light switching adds light when persons move within the detection range and the daylight does not meet

the required brightness level in the room. The Busch Pr_senz tech detects the luminosity of the lamp used. As soon as the

natural light is adequate, the connected light sources are deactivated.

The combination of these two functions results in two advantages:

Ìøå_åÇ Energy is being saved since the lamps are deactivated as soon as the natural light has reached sufficient brightness.

Ìøå_åÇ Additional energy is saved since the lights are only switched on when persons are inside the room.

KNX Technical Reference Manual | 0073-1-7613 | 3

Power supply 5 V, < 10 mA

Switch-on time after switch-off approx. 1 second

Adjustable brightness range approx. 5 to 1000 lux

Opening angle for brightness measurement 60ÌøåÀå¤

Temperature range -5 ÌøåÀå_C to 45 ÌøåÀå_C

Protection IP 20

Product standard EN 60669-2-1

Surface mount Base ABB6132-0-0295

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EAN 40 11395 14772
brand ABB

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