Busch-Watchdog 220° KNX premium
ABB 6179/02-204-500

Busch-Watchdog 220° KNX premium

Product code: 6179/02-204-500
Outdoor motion sensor with 4 movement channels. 1 twilight channel with 3 switching thresholds. 1 temperature channel with three switching thresholds. Range approx. 16 m​​
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With 4 movement channels. With 1 twilight / brightness channel with 3 switching thresholds. With 1 temperature channel with three switching thresholds. With 7-channel IR remote control. Remote control possible via IR remote control KNX 6179 (included in scope of delivery). With integrated KNX bus coupler. No additional power supply necessary.

Technical Details


Colour: White

Mounting Type: Surface-mounted

Surveillance density: 92 sectors with 368 switching segments.

Twilight sensor: approx. 1 - 1000 lux

Brightness sensor: approx. 1 - 80 klux.

Temperature sensor: approx. -25 to +55 °C

Switch-off delay: approx. 10 sec to 1092 min

Sensor angle: 220°

Range: approx. 16 m

Degree of protection: IP55



Brand ABB
Technology KNX
brand ABB

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