Core server S4
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BASALTE 0790-04

Core server S4

Product code: 0790-04
Basalte Home is a comprehensive KNX visualisation that completes the Basalte user experience in the intelligent home. You can easily control lights, shades, scenes, music, HVAC, cameras and more at the slightest touch, whether it’s through a Sentido switch, the Basalte Home app or the Ellie touch panel. These controls all share the same Basalte traits: a beautiful user interface with great usability and made of high-quality materials.
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The Basalte Core server is at the heart of the Basalte Home visualisation. It offers a comprehensive functionality set for KNX home automation systems: from light & shade control over multiroom audio to the native integration of third-party solutions like Philips Hue, door phones,AV gear and more. You can also build logics in KNX. 

The Core hosts 4 digital audio streams, which can be assigned to 4 individual users, to directly integrate in the Asano multiroom audio system over CobraNet.

Access your music library and synchronise iTunes® playlists from a USB or network drive (NAS). Connect the Core Server to the internet for internet radio and streaming services.

Play your music in individual rooms or multiple rooms at once, always perfectly synchronized.

Integrate external sources like turntables or CD players and select these from the mobile app. Use the digital S/PDIF output to add third party amplifiers or active speakers.

The intuitive app is fit to your daily needs, ready to control your home and play your favourite music at any time.

Its clearly arranged interface and unique room management functions let you organise rooms by floor or by category, like ‘guest’ and ‘kids’.
Group rooms in a new zone to control this area as it would be one audio zone.

Create individual user profiles with custom restrictions to limit access to certain audio sources, rooms, zones and alarms. For example: guests can only play music in the guest area and not in the other rooms.

Perfectly link the Core Server to your KNX home automation system and control it with KNX switches, scenes etc.

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