Valve Drive Actuator, 6-fold, 24 V, SM
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  • Abb2cdg120032r0011
ABB VAA/A6.24.2

Valve Drive Actuator, 6-fold, 24 V, SM

Product code: 2CDG120061R0011
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In conjunction with the thermostat

it controls up to 13 electrothermal

valve drives (24 V), max. 4 per channel.

The device is suitable for the installation in heating

circuit distribution systems where the application of

a Triac ensures noiseless switching of the drives.

Mains plug ffitted on the transformer (230 V) for ease of


VAA/A 6.24.1

Technical Details



Technology KNX
Brand ABB
EAN 40 16779 67064
brand ABB

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