Switch. actuator 1gang FM
ABB 6151/11 U-500

Switch. actuator 1gang FM

Product code: 615100245
For switching 230 V consumers. The bus can be connected via enclosed terminal block.
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The switching actuator receives telegrams from sensors via KNX and switches an electrical load with its relay-output.

The device is equipped with two extension inputs which - depending on parameterisation - can act directly on the switching output (local control/only input 1, input 2 without function) or alternatively as binary inputs on the KNX bus. The connected potential-free switch or push-button contacts are sensed against a common reference potential at the switching actuator. As a binary input, the device can transmit telegrams for switching or dimming, for shutter/blind control or for value transmitter applications (dimming value transmitter, light-scene 

Technical Details


  • Rated Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Current Consumption: Max 5mA
  • Inputs: 2
  • Scanning Voltage: approx 19VDC
  • Output: 1
  • Switch Type: make-contact, potential-free, bistable
  • Switching Voltage: 230VAC
  • Max Switching Current: 16A
  • Max Inrush Current: 400Am 20 ms



Brand ABB
Brand ABB
Technology KNX
Mounting Flush
Inputs 2
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Outputs 1
IP rating IP20
EAN 40 11395 16395 5
brand ABB

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