Analogue Input, 4-fold, MDRC
ABB AE/S4.1.1.3

Analogue Input, 4-fold, MDRC

Product code: AE/S4.1.1.3
Used for detecting and processing of 4 indep. analogue input signals. E.g. 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-1000 Ohm, PT 100. Integrated 24 V DC-power supply (300 mA).
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The device is a modular installation device with a module width of 4 space units in Pro M design for installation in distribution boards. The connection to the ABB i-bus is  established using a bus connection terminal on the front side. The assignment of the physical address, as well as the setting of parameters, is carried out with Engineering Tool Software ETS.

The device enables you to record and process four analogue input signals in accordance with DIN IEC 60381, e.g. 0...1 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 V, 1...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA. Furthermore, PT 100 and PT 1000 sensors in 2- and 3-conductor technology, 0...1,000 ohm resistors and a selection of KTY sensors can be connected. It is also possible to adapt the device to user-defined KTY sensors by entering a characteristic curve. Floating contacts can also be connected to the device.

The processing of the input signals is carried out in the application Threshold measurement 4f.

The object values can be set for each input separately in the application. The output value can be sent as a 1-bit value, or a 1-, 2- or 4-byte value via the bus.

Due to the flexibility allowing the measurement curve to be adapted, it is possible to mask out certain areas of the measurement curve or to even offset or correct them. Measured values can be averaged over 1, 4, 16 or 64 measurements using the Filter function. The output value is ‰smoothed via the mean value. As one measurement is taken every second, the setting for 64 measurements per output means that the output value is sent after about 64 seconds.

It is possible to set two thresholds per input. The thresholds each have an upper and lower limit which can be set  independently. The thresholds themselves can be changed via the bus.

There are four further calculation objects available. It is thus possible to compare two output values or calculate the arithmetic mean. The options less than, greater than, addition, subtraction and averaging are available.

Technical Details


  • Rated Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32 V DC
  • Bus Current Consumption: <8mA
  • Mains Voltage: 85...265 V AC, 110...240 V DC, 50/60 Hz
  • Mains Power consumption: Max 11W at 230VAC 
  • Mains Current Consumption: 80/40 mA at 115/230 V AC


  • Number of Inputs: 4
  • Voltage: 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-10 V
  • Current: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA,
  • Resistance: 0-1000 ohms,PT100 2 conductor, PT100 3 Conductor, PT1000 2 Conductor, PT1000 3 Conductor, Choice of KT/KTY1000/2000,User defined
  • Contact: Floating
  • Cable Length between sensor and Input: 1000m Max



Brand ABB
Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
Inputs 4
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 4MW
EAN 40 16779 92929 5
brand ABB

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