24VDC 0.42A POWER SUPPLY CP-D 24/0.42
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ABB CP-D 24/0.42

24VDC 0.42A POWER SUPPLY CP-D 24/0.42

Product code: 1SVR427041R0000
The CP-D 24/0.42 is a power supply from the CP-D range. The primary switch mode power supply offers a wide range input of 90-264 V AC and 120-375 V DC, rated input voltage is 100-240 V AC. The rated output power is 10 W, rated output current is 0.42 A at an output voltage of 24 V DC. The power supply provides a U/I output characteristic.
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Primary clocked switching power supply units

Wide input range

High efficiency

Adjustable output voltages (devices > 10 W)

Low power loss and low heat development

Free convection cooling (no forced cooling by fan)

Idle, overload and continuous short circuit proof

Integrated input protection

U/I characteristic curve (fold-forward behaviour on overload - does not switch off)

Status indicator LEDs

Suitable for installation in distribution cabinets

Technical Details



Brand ABB
Technology 230VAC
Mounting DIN Rail
Input voltage 230VAC
EAN 4020000000000
brand ABB

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