Diagnosis and Protection Module, MDRC

Diagnosis and Protection Module, MDRC

Product code: DSM/S1.1
Enables quick diagnosis of the bus state and indicates telegram traffic via an LED. A bus fault is indicated by contacts. The DSM also suppresses transient overvoltages and interference voltage spikes on the bus and thus protects the connected devices.
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The diagnosis and protection module enables quick diagnostics of the bus state and indicates telegram traffic via an LED. A bus failure (U < Umin) can be signalled via the changeover contact. The DSM incorporates a suppressor diode which suppresses transient over voltages and interference voltage spikes on the KNX.

The DSM/S is a rail mounted modular installation device for installation in distribution boards. The connection to KNX is established using the bus connection terminal.

Technical Details


  • Rated Voltage: 21...31 V DC, via the bus
  • Rated Current: Max 8mA
  • Relay Contact Rating: NO 6 A at 230V AC (AC1/AC3) / 4 A at 24 V DC
  • Relay State: During normal operation the contact is open, closing when the voltage drops below 20 V
  • Protective Function: Suppressor Diode (43 V/1500 W @ 10/1000 µs pulse)



Brand ABB
Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 2MW
EAN 40 16779 65205
brand ABB

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