Electronic Relay, 1-fold, FM

Electronic Relay, 1-fold, FM

Product code: ER/U1.1
The device is used in combination with the universal interface US/U x.2 and a room thermostat to control the temperature in individual rooms. The thermal valve drives of the radiator valves are operated both noisefree and with a low rate of wear.
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The electronic relay is used to control electrothermal valve drives. It is possible to implement individual room control in connection with the 4-fold
universal interface. The device is intended for insertion in a 60 mm, flush-mounted, combined wall and joint box.

The control of the electronic relay is carried out by an output of the universal interface and is dependent on the telegrams of a room temperature controller.

The thermal valve drive of the heating valve is switched by the semi-conductor output both noise-free and with a low rate of wear.

The connection with the universal interface is carried out via a twin-core cable and a connecting terminal (white/yellow). The maximum cable length is 10 m. The operating voltage for the thermal valve drive of the heating valve is carried out via the device as two-pole with a plug-in, screw terminal.

Technical Details


  • Operating Voltage: 24 V ... 250 V AC/DC
  • Outputs: 1 x Semiconductor
  • Output Rated Voltage: 24 V ... 250 V AC/DC
  • Max Current per Output: 0.5A Resistive Load
  • Max Inrush Current per Output: 1.2A for Max 1 Minute
  • Max Number of electro-thermal valve drives per output: Based on above current limits

Connection to Universal Interface US/U 2.2 or 4.2 is required.



Technology KNX
Brand ABB
Mounting Flush
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Outputs 1
IP rating IP20
EAN 40 16779 49725
brand ABB

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