free@home Zenit Frame - 1-gang / 2-modules - Champagne
ABB N2372.1 CV

free@home Zenit Frame - 1-gang / 2-modules - Champagne

Product code: 2CLA237210N1902
Price (Excluding GST)


  • Size (height x width): 122 x 90 mm
  • Mounting plate code suitable for 83,5 mm screw distance boxes: N2173.9 and N2373.9.
  • Frame and mounting plate also suitable for 3 module Italian type boxes, 4"x2" Brazilian boxes and American boxes.
  • Flush mounting boxes code: 499.3
  • Surface mounting boxes code: N2993

Technical Details



Brand ABB
Technology Free@Home
Finish Champagne
IP rating IP20
EAN 84 27238106779
brand ABB

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