Room Master, Premium, MDRC

Room Master, Premium, MDRC

Product code: RM/S2.1
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The Room Master opens new possibilities for objects where rooms with a living area and bathroom are to be controlled and utilised efficiently.

The Room Master has been developed especially for these areas typically found in hotels, hospitals, assisted living accommodation and student residential homes. It covers all the demands placed on the electrical installations of these applications and offers the following functions in a compact format:

Switching of lighting

Control of heating/cooling

Providing shade (via shutters or blinds)

Switching of electrical sockets and loads

The communication of the devices via the KNX bus also implements central control functions as well as sending of emergency signals from the rooms to a control centre.


Binary via contact scanning - 18


Switch contact 20 A (16 AX) - 3

Switch contact 16 A (10 AX) - 1

Switch contact 6 A - 12

Electronic 0.5 A - 4

Changeover contact 6 A (shutter) - 1

Technical Details



Brand ABB
Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
EAN 40 16779 66567
brand ABB

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