Actuator ALPHA 5 24V
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THEBEN 9070442

Actuator ALPHA 5 24V

Product code: 9070442
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  • Actuator for radiators, heating circuit distributors or individual heating circuits
  • Operating voltage 24 V AC/DC
  • For opening and closing of valves in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Inrush current: < 300 mA for max. 2 min.
  • "First open function" for easy installation and heating start-up
  • Plug-in installation on valve adapter to suit the most common valve bottoms and heating circuit distributors
  • Normally closed (Valve is closed when the operating voltage is cut)
  • Simple snap-on mounting to a valve adapter
  • Valve adapter not included in delivery (9070437)
  • 100% protection against damaging drives through leaking valves
  • Function and adjustment checking
  • Installation vertical, horizontal and up-side-down possible
  • Up-side-down position may reduce product life through special circumstances (e.g. contaminated water)
  • Guaranteed overvoltage protection

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