SK01-T  (ohne phys. Sensor)
ARCUS 30101000

SK01-T (ohne phys. Sensor)

Product code: 30101000
KNX Temperature Sensor for indoor/outdoor and out door use (IP65). To be used with a PT1000 sensor (not supplied).
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    The transducer with the bus coupler is enclosed in a durable, sealed, glass ball-reinforced plastic casing which fulfils protection degree IP65.

    In the application software, the default controller types (increase / decrease),
    RTR (relative / absolute) with the settings (PI-continuous / switched) and two-
    point are available.

    Additional functions like frost alarm, limits for temperature readings, minimum /
    maximum value and a tracking control are included.

    The sensor is configured by ETS ( KNX Tool Software ) and the application
    program. Controlling functions such as signal threshold and other adjustments
    are parameterized by the ETS ( KNX Tool Software ). 

Technical Details


Technical data
  • Operating Voltage:: EIB/KNX Bus Voltage 21 .. 32VDC 
  • Power Consumption:: approx. 240mW ( at 24VDC ) 
  • Auxiliary Supply:: not Required 
  • Bus Coupler:: Integrated 
  • Start-up with ETS: ARC_TFK.VD2 / Product: Sensor Temperature IP65 
  • Circuit Points:: EIB-2-Pole Clamps ( red / black ) 
  • Protection Class:: IP65 
  • Assembly Type Transducer: Assembly with 2 Screws Finery 
  • Casing Transducer: White Plastic 
  • Casing Dimensions: 72x64x40mm (WxDxH)



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Display None
Buttons None
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temp Sensing + Regulation
Status LED's None
Buscoupler Included
IP rating IP20

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