Asano M4 - 4-zone amplifier
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BASALTE 0703-04

Asano M4 - 4-zone amplifier

Product code: 0703-04
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Asano M4 is a networked 4-zone stereo amplifier with 1 digital and 1 analogue source input.

M4 can only be used in combination with the S4 music serveras it is fully controlled over CobraNet.

Neatly integrate Asano M4, in combination with an S4, in a KNXhome automation system using S4’s integrated KNX control.

To deliver superior audio performance, all zone outputs are powered with 2x80W Bang & Olufsen® ICEpower amplification.

A source connected to one of the inputs, immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system.

All inputs have signal sensing to automatically switch on a zone.

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Technology AV

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