Dimmer frame Textured Black Brass knul
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Dimmer frame Textured Black Brass knul

Product code: Dm0K46
The Lithoss KNX rotary sensor is used for controlling dimming, switching, and blind actuators, as well as for adjusting the target value of a temperature controller. This KNX rotary sensor follows the well-known operating concept and Lithoss look of a rotary dimmer with incremental encoder. The rotary sensor has three extension inputs for connecting conventional, potential-free contacts of switches, buttons, and magnetic contacts. A beeper generates a confirmation tone or signals an alarm.
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The  offers following features :

- Switching and dimming light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, electronic transformers for halogen or LED lamps, dimmable inductive transformers for halogen or LED lamps, HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps.
- Connecting auxiliary units is possible.
- Automatic or manual setting of dimming principle according to load (leading or trailing edge).
- Display of the selected operating mode using LED.
- Bulb-saving switch-on.
- Switch-on brightness can be saved permanently.
- Switch on with the last brightness set, or a saved switch-on brightness.
- Minimum brightness can be set.
- Electronic short-circuit protection.
- Electronic excess-temperature protection.
- Operation with and without neutral conductor connection.

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