TX 44 (WP FM) Cover frame 2-gang, Colour Aluminium
GIRA 021265

TX 44 (WP FM) Cover frame 2-gang, Colour Aluminium

Product code: 021265
Cover frames for combinations vertical and horizontal shatter-proof with sealing flange for 58 mm panel box 2-gang TX 44 (IP 44) colour aluminium Shatter-proof.Cover frames are easy to install without tools; removal requires a Torx screwdriver T9 or T10. Attachment with plugs is possible. Central inserts protected against removal. 021265
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Technical Details



Brand GIRA
Technology KNX
Design range GIRA TX44
Frame style GIRA TX44
Frame finish Aluminium Colour
Gangs 2 Gang
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
IP rating IP44
EAN 4010337212652

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