Inside Video Station in Bronze
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GIRA 1250603

Inside Video Station in Bronze

Product code: 1250603
Hands-free feature home station as pre-assembled unit for surface mounted installation.
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The surface-mounted hands-free feature home station offers the following product features:

  • Fully pre-assembled surface-mounted home station, allowing quick and clean installation.
  • Design variety via integration into the switch range, allowing uniform appearance of door communication and electrical installation.
  • Installation possible with or without cover frame. For installation with cover frame, a 2-gang cover frame without crossbar is required. Note: A cover frame is required when installing in a 58 mm flush-mounted box.
  • Easy installation via pull-off screw terminals.
  • Easy removal of home station and cover frame during renovation work.
  • Mounting holes for wall and box installation.
  • Signal transmission and power supply of home station via reverse polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
  • Parallel connection of up to 3 home stations possible.
  • One-man commissioning through simple commissioning procedure.
  • Ringing tone differentiation for door call, internal call and floor call.
  • Selection of 5 different ringing tone melodies, which can be assigned to individual call buttons.
  • Operating buttons with integrated LEDs for status display.
  • Hands-free feature (voice-controlled talk-back with echo and background noise suppression).
  • Enforcement function for loud background noise during the voice connection.
  • Eavesdropping prevention.
  • This component enables door communication systems with up to 70 devices to be set up (e.g. 1 built-in loudspeaker, 5 add-on modules for built-in loudspeakers, 68 surface-mounted hands-free feature home stations).

The operating button of the surface-mounted hands-free feature home station controls the following functions:

  • Switching light and other functions in conjunction with the switching actuator 1289 00.
  • Operation of the door opener.
  • Setting the ringing tone melody.
  • Switching ringing tone on and off.
  • Call acceptance.
  • Activation of the enforcement function.
  • Volume control of calling tone and speech volume.

Technical Details


  • Power supply: 26 V DC ± 2 V (bus voltage)
  • Connections: two screw terminals for 2-wire bus two screw terminals for floor-call buttonz
  • Dimensions: W x H x D 55 x 127 x 20 mm
  • Temperature range: -5 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Installation possible without cover frame or with System 55, F100 or E22 cover frame, 2-gang without crossbar 1002 .., 2866 .. .
  • Control device Audio 1287 00



Brand GIRA
Technology Door Comms
Design range GIRA System 55
Insert finish Bronze
Mounting Surface
Back Box Round European
Input voltage Via Door Comms Bus

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