KNX CO2 sensor humidity Control + RTC System 55 Colour Aluminium
  • Gir210426
  • G210426
GIRA 210426

KNX CO2 sensor humidity Control + RTC System 55 Colour Aluminium

Product code: 210426
CO2 sensor with an with integrated KNX bus coupler and two binary inputs, for measuring concentration of carbon dioxide, relative humidity and room temperature.
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  • Limit value monitoring for CO2 concentration and humidity
  • Dewpoint alert for e.g. cooling ceilings and winter gardens to prevent possible mould growth
  • Two binary inputs for connection of zero-voltage contacts
  • Logic gates for simple linking functions 
  • The CO2 sensor has no operating or display elements


  • CO2 max. 4 different limit values can be set
  • Adaptation to current sea level above NN
  • Humidity sensor max. 2 limit values 


  • 5 operating modes: Comfort, standby, night, frost/heat protection and controller lock-out (e.g. dew-point mode)
  • Heating/cooling functions: Heating, cooling, heating and cooling, basic and additional heating, basic and additional cooling
  • Preset control parameters for common radiators/cooling units Controller can be de-activated (dew-point operation) or controller or operation of the controller can be blocked
  • Valve protection function (valve is opened cyclically every 24 hours)
  • Control types: Continuous PI control, switching PI control (PWM) and switching 2-point control (on/off)


  • Free assignment of the functions switching, dimming, blind and value transmitter to the inputs
  • Blocker for blocking individual inputs
  • Behaviour can be configured following bus voltage recovery
  • Telegram rate limiting
  • Switching function: two independent switching objects for each input present and can be enabled individually, command for rising or falling edge can be set independently (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no reaction)
  • Dimming function: single and double-surface operation, time between dimming and switching and dim-step size can be set, telegram repetition and stop-telegram transmission possible
  • Blind function:command can be set with rising dge(nofunction, UP, DOWN, SW), operating concept can be parameterised, time between short and long-time operation adjustable, slat adjustment time adjustable
  • Value transmitter and light scene auxiliary unit function: edge (push button as NO contact, push button as NC contact, switch) and value with edge can be configured, value adjustment by pressing and holding a button for value transmitters possible, light scene auxiliary unit with/without memory function

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: typical 12.5 mA 
  • Bus Current Consumption: max. 25 mA (4 s/15 s as a cycle) 
  • Cable length for inputs/outputs: max. 5 m
  • Cable length for temperature sensor: max. 50 m
  • CO2 Sensor Measuring Range: 0 ... 2000 ppm
  • Humidity Sensor Measuring Range: 10 ... 95% Rel. Humidity
  • Temperature Sensor Measuring Range: -5 ... +45°c



Brand GIRA
Technology KNX
Design range GIRA System 55
Insert finish Aluminium Colour
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
Inputs 2
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temp Sensing + Regulation
Buscoupler Included
IP rating IP20
EAN 4010337084488

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