Presence dectector Komfort KNX pure white
  • G210602
  • G210602
GIRA 210602

Presence dectector Komfort KNX pure white

Product code: 210602
Full Function Presence detector for presence monitoring (operating mode: presence detector), for movement detection (operating mode: ceiling observer) or for monitoring with messages (operating mode: alarm device) indoors.
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  • Ceiling mounting on stable ceilings in device box or surface-

    mounted housing 2110 ..

  • Flush-mounted device with integrated KNX bus coupler
  • Programming LED/button is visible and can be operated when installed if the ornamental ring is removed
  • PIR sensors: 3 sensors (crossed light paths), integrated brightness sensor
  • Adjuster for manual correction of sensitivity
  • Clip-on screen for limiting the detection range
  • Display of motion detection (permanent or only during walk test)
  • Separate evaluation in the long range of the three PIR sensors with 120° detection area each with overlapping
  • Manual operation using IR remote control 2115 00 


  • Sensitivity is configurable
  • Sensitivity adjuster on the device can be deactivated using the software
  • A maximum of 5+2 function blocks are configurable
  • Functions that can be set for each function block 1 to 5: ceiling observer, presence detector, signal mode
  • Function block 6: presence detector with light control
  • Function block 7: brightness sensor with limit value monitoring
  • Function block toggling, e.g. for day/night operation or weekday/weekend operation
  • Function blocks 1 to 5: individual device, main unit, auxiliary unit can be set
  • Operating modes which can be set for individual device, main unit: automatic, semi-automatic (manual ON / automatic OFF or automatic ON / manual OFF)
  • Two outputs per function block (1 to 5) for function ceiling observer, presence detector
  • Functions of ceiling observer, presence detector per output: switching, staircase light function, switching with forced setting,

    dimming value transmitter, light scene auxiliary unit, temperature

    value transmitter, brightness value transmitter, temperature

    operating mode

  • Ceiling observer, presence detector: dusk stage can be set via

    external communication object or per teach-in, additional

    transmission delay via external communication object, self-

    teaching additional transmission delay (adaptive delay time), short-

    term presence function, feedback of dusk stage, block function,

    manual operation using push button sensor (separate

    communication object), switch-off brightness (for presence

    detectors) via teach-in, measurement of time period after last


  • Function of presence detector with light control: combination with

    function block of presence detector or individual device, setpoint

    can be set, setpoint specified via external communication object,

    setpoint offset via external communication object, teach-in

    function, feedback of the effective setpoint

  • Function of brightness sensor with limit value monitoring: up to 3

    limit values are configurable, functions of switching, dimming

    value transmitter, light scene auxiliary unit, configurable

    hysteresis, limit value via external communication object or teach-

    in, block function 

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 12.5mA
  • Installation Height: 2-5m
  • Detection Angle: 360°
  • Motion Detection Range at 3m Mounting Height: 20m
  • Presence Detection Range at 3m Mounting Height: 12m
  • Brightness Detection Range: 10 to 2000 lux



Technology KNX
Brand GIRA
Insert finish Pure White
Mounting Surface
Back Box Round European
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Buscoupler Included
IP rating IP20
EAN 4010337084594

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