F100 Keyless In Fingerprint, cream white
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  • G2607111
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GIRA 2607 111

F100 Keyless In Fingerprint, cream white

Product code: 2607 111
Fingerprint module as professional biometric access control system based on the new generation of surface-scan technology.
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The fingerprint module offers the following product features:

  • The latest generation of fingerprint technology: with the Gira fingerprint uses high-frequency scanning of the deepest layer of skin. This innovative process results in a high detection rate and security against tampering.
  • Access control system based on biometric characteristics of the human finger. An evaluation of the unique characteristic features of the living human finger is carried out.
  • Installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted box.
  • As standalone device or in combination with the Gira door communication system, enables convenient door opening for authorised persons.
  • In standalone operation, the zero-voltage relay contacts contained in the flush-mounted insert are used for the switching processes, e.g. for door openers with their own power supply (e.g. common bell transformer).
  • Integration in the Gira door communication system without additional control components.
  • Design diversity via integration in the Gira design platforms TX_44 and System 55. Integration in F100 and Stainless Steel Series 20 and Series 21 possible with adapter frames.
  • Commissioning with direct configuration on the device _ the fingerprint module is put into operation without a PC or programming software.
  • Detection of signs of life in the finger.
  • Up to 50 fingers can be managed by the fingerprint reader.
  • Reliable detection of fingers which, for example, were slightly injured during gardening (only the top layer of skin was injured).
  • The digitised data of the fingerprint can only be detected and processed further by the Gira fingerprint evaluation unit. A reconstruction of the fingerprint is not possible due to the encryption process used. As a result, unauthorised use is prevented and data protection is ensured.
  • The Gira fingerprint sensors feature special software logic, which enables constant checking of fingers and saves the necessary reference again. This is especially important for the fingers of children, which change over time and must be updated in memory. Note: Children's fingers can generally first be reliably detected from 6 years of age.
  • Laying on finger at an angle of up to 15 degrees to each side from the zero axis is detected and corrected.
  • Fast reaction time from laying on finger to release: up to 30 stored fingers approx. 1 second up to 50 stored fingers approx. 3 seconds
  • Night design of fingerprint surface for orientation as to where finger must be laid on. Homogenous illumination with white LED illumination.
  • Three-colour LED status display for optical signalling during programming and operation.
  • Master PIN number provided on included sealed security card if Administrator finger is no longer available. The device can be reset at the factory with the accompanying security card.
  • Acknowledgement number for acoustic signalling for user or installer.
  • Audible warning in case of unauthorised removal of the fingerprint top unit, i.e. tamper detection. A tampering circuit can also be realised in connection with the door communication system using a switching actuator.
  • The two integrated two-way switch relays can be assigned two different fingers, e.g. thumb: control of door opening; index finger: switching outside light. Inputs and outputs
  • Switching contact: 2 relays with zero-voltage two-way switch contacts, load capacity 24 V/1.6 A AC/DC.
  • Connector strip for system bus of Gira door communication system
  • 2 power supply connections

Technical Details


  • Power supply: 24 V DC 10% (power supply 1296 00) or 26 V DC 2 V (door-communication bus voltage)
  • Temperature range: -20 _C to +70 _C
  • Resistance to EMD: up to 15 kV
  • Flush-mounted door station 1260 .., 1261 .., 1271 .., 1272 ..
  • Control devices 1287 00, 1288 00
  • Additional power supply 1296 00
  • For integration in F100: Intermediate plate 55 x 55 mm 0289 ..
  • For integration in Stainless Steel Series 20, Series 21: Intermediate plate 55 x 55 mm 0289 20
  • Integration in a modular function profile Integration in Profile 55



Technology Door Comms
Design range GIRA F100
Insert finish Cream White Glossy
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European

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