Smart Connect KNX Sonos
ISE 10001002

Smart Connect KNX Sonos

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Easily control up to ten Sonos master devices, each with up to 5 slaves per master, via KNX. Optionally, each room can be operated separately or, using party mode, the entire house simultaneously.
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  • Dynamic group creation for up to 10 groups, each with one master and up to five slave devices
  • Control of playlist start, pause, mute and stop for each group
  • Playlist (forward/back)
  • Title (forward/back)
  • Random playback of titles
  • Complete volume control of masters, slaves and the entire group
  • Title, artist and album in scrolling text on KNX text objects
  • Direct selection of the starting title of playlists
  • Volume pre-selection and unmuting during source selection
  • Patching in of announcements (temporary interruption of the current playback)
  • Play music from the microSD card
  • Support for analogue and optical inputs of the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Connect/Connect:Amp
  • Simple integration in KNX (can be completely configured via ETS)
  • Extensions via firmware updates
  • Random playback of titles in playlists
  • Random starting point in playlists
  • Repeat of playlist

Technical Details


Voltage: DC 24 V to 30 V

Power consumption: 2 W

IP communication: Ethernet 10/100 BaseT

KNX communication: KNX/TP, S-Mode

KNX medium: TP1-256

microSD card: up to 32 GB

Connections: 2x RJ45 (integrated switch). Connection and branching terminals for KNX and 24 V

Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C

Dimensions: 2 TE (REG plus)


  • Supply via external DC 24 V
  • microSD card not included
  • For ETS5 or higher



Brand ISE
Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
Input voltage 24VDC
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 2MW

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