Sound Insulation Electronics Box (bag of 5)
KAISER 9069-94/5

Sound Insulation Electronics Box (bag of 5)

Product code: 9069-94/5
Electronics box for sound insulation walls in buildings, 2 gang.
Price (Excluding GST)


Can be combined with each other and also with a sound insulation one-gang junction box

Technical Details


  • For panel thickness: 7 - 40 mm
  • Depth: 70 mm
  • Cut hole: 2 x 74 mm
  • Centre distance: 71 mm
  • Conduit entries for DIN EN conduits up to 25 mm: 4
  • Cable entries of up to 11.5 mm: 4



Technology Accessory
Gangs 2 Gang
Mounting Flush

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