free@home Movement Detector
ABB MD-F-1.0.PB.1

free@home Movement Detector

Product code: 2CKA006220A0229
With select lens for detection with animal access. For automatic switching of ABB-free@home¨ actuators dependent on movement and brightness. Switch-off delay of the actuator can be programmed via the web interface of the System Access Point. The bus can be connected via enclosed terminal block.
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  • The movement detector sensor (with bus coupler) can be assigned to an available switch actuator.
  • The devices respond to moving body heat and switch on the lights.
  • They have not been pre-programmed.
  • The devices do not serve as a substitute for an alarm system.
  • The sensor is integrated in a flush-mounted insert [1].
  • The integrated bus coupler makes possible the connection to the free@home bus line.

Technical Details


Power Supply: 24 V DC (via bus line)

Bus subscribers: 1 (12mA)

Connection: Bus connection terminal: 0.4-0.8 mm

Line type: J-Y(St)Y, 2 x 2x 0.8 mm

Wire stripping: 6-7 mm

Opening angle: 180 ¡

Brightness limit value: 1 Ð 500 lux

Mounting height: 1.1 m to 1.3 m

Protection: IP20

Ambient temperature: -5 ¡C Ð +45 ¡C

Storage T¡: -20 ¡C Ð +70 ¡C



Brand ABB
Technology Free@Home
IP rating IP20
brand ABB

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