free@home Power Supply 640mA, MDRC
ABB PS-M-64.1.1

free@home Power Supply 640mA, MDRC

Product code: 2CDG510001R0011
Free@home power supply generate and monitor the system voltage (SELV). The bus line is decoupled from the power supply by an integrated choke. The voltage output is short-circuit and overload protected. The two-color LED indicates device output status. The power suppliehas a wide range input from 85É265 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
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The free@home power supply makes available the system voltage (SELV) for free@home components. The choked output voltage makes possible the energy supply and the communication of the individual free@home participants.

  • Wide band of the power supply input 85 to 265 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Choked bus voltage 21 to 30 V DC
  • Two-colour LED to indicate the mains voltage as well as overload and short- circuit
  • Output is short-circuit-proof and overload-protected

The power supply provides the free@home bus system with the necessary system voltage.

Technical Details


Power supply

  • Operating voltage Us: 85 to 265 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Nominal values: 127 V AC, 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

  • Nominal operation: 24W
  • Maximum: 55W

Power loss

  • Nominal operation: 4W
  • Maximum: 9W


Voltage output

  • Rated voltage UN: 30 V DC, SELV
  • Range: 21 to 31 V DC
  • Minimum distance between 2 PS-M: 200 m (bus line)


  • Rated current IN: 640 mA
  • Overload current IU_L: 0.9 A
  • Short-circuit current IK: 1.4 A

Mains-failure bridging time: 200 ms

Control and display elements

LED status (two-colour green/red)

  • Green: I < I†L
  • Red: overload
  • Flashing red: short-circuit

Connecting terminals

  • Combi-head screw-type terminal (PZ 1)
  • Connection cross section:
  • 0.2 - 4.0 mm2 fine-wire
  • 2 x 0.2...2.5 mm2
  • 0.2 - 6.0 mm2 single-wire
  • 2 x 0.2...4.0 mm2
  • Tightening torque: 0.6 Nm

Ambient temperature

  • Operation: -5¡C to +45¡C
  • Storage: -25¡C to +55¡C
  • Transport: -25¡C to +70¡C

Ambient conditions: Maximum humidity 93%, no dew permissible

Protection type: IP20 Acc. to DIN EN 60 529

Protection class: II Acc. to DIN EN 61 140

Insulation category

  • Over voltage category: III acc. to DIN EN 60 664-1
  • Degree of contamination: 2 acc. to DIN EN 60 664-1

Mounting: On 35 mm mounting rail Acc. to DIN EN 60 715

Built-in position: Any


  • Rail mounting device (MDRC): Modular installation device, Pro M
  • Installation width: 4 modules a_ 18 mm
  • Installation depth: 64.5 mm
  • Housing, colour: Plastic, basalt grey (RAL 7012)

Dimensions: 72 x 90 x 64.5 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 0.26 kg

CE marking: According to EMC and low-voltage guidelines



Technology Free@Home
Brand ABB
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 4MW
brand ABB

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