Meteodata 140 S KNX self contained outdoor weather station
THEBEN 1409207

Meteodata 140 S KNX self contained outdoor weather station

Product code: 1409207
The weather station measures temperature, brightness from 3 directions and wind speed. A rain sensor (rain / no rain) is also installed on the top of the device. The measured values and the rain status can be sent to the bus.
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  • Adjustment of slat position according to current position of the sun.
  • Sun protection area both horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (elevation) can be set exactly.
  • 3 installed brightness sensors at 90° spacing.
  • 2 objects for external brightness sensors.
  • Shading can be temporarily interrupted via object.
  • Universal channels with AND/OR linking of weather parameters.
  • Threshold channels with delay with falling below and exceeding.
  • Logic channels with 4 input objects + internal link that can be configured with status of the universal and threshold channels.

Important Considerations 

  • Rain can only be detected when the rain sensor is sufficiently wet. This may lead to a certain delay between the first drops of rain falling and the point that rain is detected.
  • It is possible the sensor can dry off very quickly in light rain. It is recommended not to set the delay time below 5 minutes (standard 10 minutes) when it rains as "rain"/"no rain" are signaled alternatively at short intervals in light rain.
  • With the most sensitive setting of the rain sensor, particularly when dew suppression is switched off, "rain" can be detected if high humidity is combined with high temperature. Another setting must be selected if this is not required. 
  • As it can take several minutes to retract the sun / sight protection devices (blinds, shutters, etc.), they are not immediately protected if the wind picks up suddenly. Therefore, take the maximum permissible wind speed specified by the manufacturer into account when configuring the wind threshold, and set the threshold below this value to be on the safe side.
  • If the wind hits the facade from front on, an air pocket can build up where the wind speed is significantly below the actual wind speed.Therefore, the Meteodata 140 is only able to measure the prevailing wind speed directly at the installation site.This should be taken into account when setting the wind threshold for facades exposed to strong frontal winds. Mast installation can provide a remedy here.
  • Temperature measurement: Temperatures are normally measured in the shade. In contrast, the weather station is typically installed where the sun shines. The measured temperature can be considerably higher than in the shade due to the effect of the sun.

Technical Details


  • Operating Voltage: 110-230VAC
  • Max Power Input: 5.5W
  • Power Input Standby: 0.7W
  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 3mA
  • Installation Type: Wall or Mast Bracket
  • Measuring Ranges
  • Brightness: 1...100,000 Lux
  • Temperature: -30..60°C
  • Wind: 2-30 m/s
  • Precipitation: Rain/No Rain



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Input voltage 230VAC
IP rating IP44

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