RAMSES 713 FC KNX Individual room thermostat fan coil
THEBEN 7139202

RAMSES 713 FC KNX Individual room thermostat fan coil

Product code: 7139202
The RAM 713 FAN COIL room thermostat is a continuous EIB room thermostat for ventilator convectors (fan coil) in 2 and 4 pipe systems. It measures the current room temperature (actual value) and sends a continuous control variable (0...100%) to a fan coil actuator to achieve the desired room temperature (setpoint value). The RAM 713 fan coil works in both heating and cooling modes. A fan step can also be selected manually via a button.
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  • Continuous PI room thermostat
  • Fan step can be preselected manually
  • Operating mode change via presence and window objects
  • Heating and cooling operation
  • Rotary control for setting or offsetting setpoint value
  • Infinite regulation through continuous control variable
  • 3 Binary inputs for conventional control of switch, dimmer and blinds actuators
  • Third input also for external temperature sensor for determining room temperature
  • Adjustable effect with binary inputs
  • Blinds and dimmers can also be controlled using single surface operation

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Standard Binary Inputs: 2
  • Multifunction Input: 1 (Can be configured for External Temperature Probe)
  • Input Contact Voltage: 3.3v internal provided
  • Input Contact Current: 1mA
  • External Probe: THEBEN 9070321 ONLY



Technology KNX
Frame finish White
Insert finish White
Mounting Surface
Back Box Round European
Buttons 1
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temp Sensing + Regulation
Status LED's Red
Buscoupler Included
EAN 400346 8713020

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