KNX F50 LS range Universal push-button module 3-gang

KNX F50 LS range Universal push-button module 3-gang

Product code: LS5093TSM
The F50 KNX push buttons impress with their harmonious overall look and sleek surface appearance. The buttons offer the option for customisation, either with high quality laser engraving, or colour printing for a truely personalised design.

This item requires a push button cover, which can be any 3 gang kit in the LS range.

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Intended Use 

  • Operation of loads, e.g. light on/off, dimming, blinds up/down, brightness values, temperatures, calling up and saving light scenes, etc.
  • Installation in flush box according to DIN 49073

Product Characteristics 

  • Push-button functions for switching, dimming, blinds control, valuators, light scenes, etc.
  • One or two functions per button
  • To be completed with cover kit
  • Inscription field can be illuminated
  • One status LED per button, red, green or blue, adjustable
  • One operation LED as orientation light and programming status _ red, green or blue, adjustable
  • Brightness of status LED, operation LED and inscription field adjustable, can be changed during operation, e.g. during night times
  • Measurement of room temperature
  • Extension unit for room temperature controller
  • Disabling function: Disabling or change function mode of single or all button functions
  • Alarm function, optional acknowledge by pressing any button
  • Energy saving mode
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Connection for a push-button extension module, 1-4 gang
  • Transparent cover kit (included) for temporary site use without design covers

Ordering Information

including transparent cover ref.-no.: LS 50 NA for cover kit 3-gang, ref.-no.: ..503 TSA .. in the LS range can be extended by means of a push-button extension module, ref.-no.: LS 509.. TSEM ETS product family: Push-button Product type: 3-gang push-button

Technical Details


  • KNX medium: TP 1
  • Commissioning mode: S-mode
  • Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV
  • Current consumption: KNX
    • Without TSEM: max. 12 mA
    • With TSEM: max. 20 mA
  • Connection mode: KNX Connection terminal
  • Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45 ÁC
  • Storage/transport temperature: -25 ... +70 ÁC
  • Protection class: III



Technology KNX
Brand JUNG
Design range Jung F50
Frame style Jung LS
Switch action Push Button
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
Buttons 6
HVAC support Temperature Sensing
Status LED's Blue and Red
Buscoupler Integrated
IP rating IP20

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