Z41 Pro. Color capacitive touch panel with IP connection. Aluminium frame - White

Z41 Pro. Color capacitive touch panel with IP connection. Aluminium frame - White

Product code: ZVIZ41PROW
Z41 Pro is a capacitive touch panel which represents an advancement in digital home control. Minimalist aesthetics, dominated by simple forms, lead to a timeless design that facilitates integration within working and living environments. Its 4.1" color display in portrait (3:4) makes your management and enjoyment easier, enabling distributed communication within the intelligent home. Z41 Pro includes an internal clock with battery and USB port for program updates. Includes IP port for remote control from smartphones or tablets through free mobile apps. Allows remote control and alarm notification with push messages with smartphone or tablet PC mobile application (Z41 Remote) thanks to its IP port. It has 2 analog-digital inputs of great functionality. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.
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  • 4.1" capacitive color touch panel.
  • Aluminium Frame
  • LCD display of 16 million colors.
  • 2 independent thermostats.
  • 2 analog/digital inputs.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with watch battery.
  • External power supply 12-29VDC needed.
  • KNX BCU integrated.
  • Mini-USB and Ethernet connection.
  • Magnetic fit.
  • Complete data saving in case of power failure.
  • CE Directives compliant.

Zennio Thermostats:

Technical Details


General System Specifications

  • KNX Power Supply: 29VDC
  • KNX Current Consumption: 6mA @ 29VDC
  • External power supply: 12-29VDC
  • External Current Consumption: 76mA @ 24VDC
  • Operating temperature: 0 ¡C to 45 ¡C
  • Assembly: Vertical position, with the temperature sensor to the bottom. Magnetic fit. See Installation section
  • Minimum Clearances: Keep away from heat and cold air flows to get better temperature sensor measurements.
  • Response to Bus Voltage Failure: Complete data saving. Initialization screen.
  • Response to bus failure recovery: Before failure data recovery
  • Response to external power supply failure: Complete data saving. Display is switched off
  • Response to external power supply failure recovery: Current data recovery
  • Operation indicator: Several on display as programmed
  • Accessories: RJ45 cable connector (included). Mini USB A-B cable Ref. ZN1AC-UPUSB (not included)

Internal Temperature Sensor

  • Measuring range: -10 to 50 ¡C
  • Resolution: 0.1 ¡C
  • Sensor precision @ 25 ¡C: 1 %
  • Calibration:  The temperature sensor should be calibrated through the application program according to the external power supply connected and the frequency of usage 

Internal Clock:

  • Resolution: 1 minute in display/ 1 second in KNX bus
  • Precision: 30 ppm
  • Power supply: CR1225 3V battery
  • Data/time Set: Manual (set from screen) or auto (through KNX clock telegrams in bus)
  • Response to power failure (bus or external power supply): It does not affect to internal clock
  • Response to power recovery: The internal error shows current time


  • Number of inputs per common: 2
  • Input voltage:  +3.3V DC for the common
  • Input current:  1.0mA @ 3.3V DC (each input)
  • Input impedance:  Approx. 3.3k ½
  • Switching type: Dry voltage contacts between
  • input and common
  • Connection method: Cable screw terminal
  • Max. cable length: 30 m.
  • NTC probe length: 10.5 m.
  • NTC accuracy (@ 25 ¡C):  0.5 ¡C
  • Temperature measure precision: 0.1 ¡C
  • Cable cross-section: 0.15 mm to 20.5 mm (22-12 AWG)
  • Response time: Max 10ms



Technology KNX
Design range ZENNIO Z41
Finish White
Frame finish Aluminium
Switch action Capacitive Touch
Mounting Flush
Display Colour TFT
Back Box Round European
Buttons On Screen
Input voltage 24VDC
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
Status LED's White
Buscoupler Integrated
IP rating IP20
brand ZENNIO

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