Lumento X3. 3-channel constant voltage PWM dimmer  for DV LED loads

Lumento X3. 3-channel constant voltage PWM dimmer for DV LED loads

Product code: ZN1DIRGBX3
LED lighting controller. 3 channels (RGB). Lumento X3 is a 3 channel (RGB) controller of up to 2.5A / channel, designed for 12 to 24 V LED technology. Channel dimming is based on varying the voltage by pulse width modulation (PWM). Lumento X3 has a test push button in order to check the correct operation of the 3 channels. It is highly configurable and allows easy control of all the channels together or each channel independently.
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  • Control of RGB LED or 3 independent channels.
  • External power supply required (12 or 24 VDC).
  • LED test function.
  • KNX BCU integrated.
  • CE directive compliant.

Technical Details


General System Specifications

KNX Power Supply: 29VDC

  • KNX Current Consumption: 5mA @ 29VDC
  • External power supply: 12 or 24 DC
  • Operating temperature: 0 ¡C to 45 ¡C
  • Assembly: Independent control assembly device
    Connect LUMENTO as near as possible to both, the LED to dimmer and the external power supply.
  • Bus power failure response: Data saving
  • Response when restarting bus: Data recovery
  • Operation Indicator: Programming/internal test LED indicates: programming mode (red lighting), safe mode (red
    blinking) and internal test (blue blinking).

    Test LED indicates: white, device in test mode; red, test channel 1 (R); green, test channel 2 (G); blue, test channel 3 (B). Reverse polarity of external power supply is indicated by the test LED with orange light.

  • Outputs

    • Maximum current per channel:  2.5A @ 25 ¡C ambient temperature
    • Number of channels: 3
    • Total power connected: 90W (12V DC) or 180W (24V DC)
    • Connection type: Terminal block (screw)
    • Cable section: 10.5 mm to 20.5 mm
    • Load type: Common anode
    • Shortcut protection: Yes
    • Overheating protection: Yes



    Brand ZENNIO
    Technology KNX
    Dimming Type LED (Direct Control)
    Mounting Surface
    Input voltage 24VDC
    Outputs 3
    IP rating IP20
    brand ZENNIO

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