SKX-OPEN. Interface of communication RS232-KNX

SKX-OPEN. Interface of communication RS232-KNX

Product code: ZN1RX-SKXOPEN
KNX Bus to RS-232 interface. SKX OPEN is a KNX-RS232 bidirectional communication interface. SKX Open allows integrating external devices with KNX, via an RS232 port. The main feature is the possibility of integrating multiple devices with KNX regardless of the protocol and manufacturer. Configurable RS232 communication control. RS232 cable included.
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  • Reduced size: 45 x 45 x 14mm.
  • RS-232 communication.
  • Independent control assembly device to be mounted inside distribution boxes.
  • Open communication protocol.
  • Customizable communication speed and error detection built-in.
  • Ideal for integration into KNX devices that allow RS232 communication.
  • Based on core KNX BIMM112.
  • High processing capacity.
  • Total data saving.
  • CE directives OK

Technical Details


General Specifications

  • KNX Voltage: 29V DC
  • KNX Voltage Range: 21-31V DC
  • KNX Consumption:  4mA
  • External Voltage: 5 V typical 
  • External Voltage:5-20 V
  • External Consumption: 8mA
  • Ambient temperature 0 °C to +55 °C
  • Assembly: Independent control assembly device to be mounted
  • inside distribution boxes
  • KNX BUS failure response: Data saving
  • Response to BUS failure recovery: Data recovery
  • Operation indicator:  Programming LED On when pushing the programming button
  • Number of automatic cycles (A) per automaticaction: 100.000 cycles
  • Accessories: RS232 female connector, with cable (0,8m)

Communication Specifications

  • Isolation method: Optic coupler
  • Baud rates: 1200 - 19200 bps (bauds), customizable
  • Transmission type: 8-bits data, 1 bit stop & customizable parity. Full-duplex for open protocol
  • Connection type:Terminal block, RS232 female connection included.
  • Max cable length: 15 m.
  • Recommended cable section: 0.15 - 1 mm for connection clamps
  • Operation Indicator: Software indicator.



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Input voltage 12VDC
IP rating IP20
brand ZENNIO

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