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How to configure Intesis WMP AC gateways with Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi

Problem: Intesis WMP type interfaces (eg. PA-RC2-WMP-1) can’t see a Ubiquiti Unifi wireless network with WPA encryption.

Solution: With the Ubiquiti Unifi there is a trick.

Before starting the network configuration process, please be aware that there is a difference between 1st and 2nd generation Intesis WMP devices

  • 1st generation Intesis devices (MAC address starting with 001D) only support 802.1b mode  
  • 2nd generation Intesis devices (MAC address starts with CC3F) support 802.1b/g/n

 Please log in to your router configuration page and review the configuration settings for 2.4GHz band - see screenshot below.

Figure 1 Mode and Band Configuration

  • If you are using Ubiquiti Wi-Fi it may be necessary to enable and set the 2G "minimum data rate control" to 1Mbps. 

Figure 2 : Data Rate configuration 

If, after following the steps, the problem persists, please open a ticket via the HMS-Intesis Tech Support web page…