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Who are Ivory Egg?

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Ivory Egg are a technical distributor of the world's best building technologies. We supply to trade installers, who we educate and support to deliver the very best solutions for the projects they are managing.

Better buildings for a better world

Building technology means many things to many people - from beautiful switches and ease of use, to energy saving and building management. We are all about providing the best possible outcome for the life of the building, the people who live in it, own it and surround it and the people who create it.

We believe System Integrators are the key as they can pull together diverse technologies to create simple, cohesive and reliable solutions for each building. Our aim is to help their businesses achieve this.

Interior Designers and Architects are critical influencers in the design of great buildings. We help them to choose the right systems that enhance their designs and fit their clients budgets.

Engineers need the best possible advice and guidance in planning building systems, so to them Ivory Egg provides education and assistance that is unique and based on years of experience.

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