Gira have a full portfolio of wiring accessory and technology products from switches to door intercoms to KNX. With a strong focus on designing with clean lines, Gira products are loved by architects and modern home builders alike. Gira also invest heavily in the technology that makes their products such a pleasure to use, from the simple pleasing feel of a pushbutton to the intuitive interface of their home control app on your phone.  

Gira also enable you to mix and match styles and finishes from any of their designs. The iconic Gira E2 series is clean and delightful. The Esprit range is rich with natural high-value materials like copper for that stand-out difference.  Explore the Gira website to see more, and use the Gira Design Configurator to build your very own switch.


Since 1905, Radevormwald-based family company Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG has been shaping the electronics sector with smart solutions for intelligent building control. From the very beginning, Gira have specialised in light switches using modern technology.  Each innovative product they create is designed with people and their needs in mind – and people are at the heart of the product development process.

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"I have known Ivory Egg from the start in the UK and since IE New Zealand and Australia came on board later on. The customer has always been and actually is the primary focus of the Ivory Egg staff. Companies that are customer oriented offer added value besides the first class quality brand KNX and related products. The remarks that System Integrators tell us about IE, state in common that they try to find the best for their customers. By doing so, working with Ivory Egg helps customers to be successful and deliver a perfect job. I joined Gira 29 years ago. In the hughe English speaking world wide community, the Ivory Egg staff belongs to my favourites, business and personal wise."   Jacob de Muijnck, Head of Sales Northern Europe

Ivory Egg Comment

"We have worked closely with Gira since the beginning of Ivory Egg. Their simple design lines and user-friendly technology is inspirational to many. Gira are a big enough company to be able to develop whole ranges of beautiful products and keep evolving all the time, whilst maintaining the personal touch of being privately owned."  
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With Gira User Interaction is Simple and Intuitive  

Wall switches, simple to use screens, voice control, apps for your devices, and motion sensors all work together to make houses easy to live in and integrate with using Gira's powerful engineering tools.

The Gira G1 is recognised as a world leader for their simple presentation of home controls, weather and environmental measurement and door intercom display all in a touch-controlled wall screen. Gira are a full-solution provider, from their backend behind-the-scenes technology to the frontend switches and interfaces like the Gira G1 and the outdoor Cube motion sensor.  (Note: Gira actuators are only approved for supply in UK/EU). Gira KNX keypads are made up of a number of parts, providing great design flexibility.  The image below shows how the classic Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3 is made up of a bus coupler, button module, rocker cover and a frame in a huge range of design styles - more information.

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  • The Gira Academy Website is a powerful training and learning resource on how to install and use products.

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