Established in 1985, HDL is a global company that manufactures customised building automation products and professional stage lighting equipment. HDL understands that environmental protection is crucial and strives to provide innovative products using the latest energy-efficient solutions to improve the comfort and convenience of both work and living spaces.

HDL in Australia

HDL utilise an extensive global network of distributors and installers to promote and sell their solutions. Across Australia, Ivory Egg operates as a specialised HDL KNX sub-distributor through our close working relationship with Sfere Group – the Australian HDL automation master distributor. All HDL KNX Solutions are backed by a 5-year warranty. Talk to us for more information. 

A Short Video Tour of an HDL Smart Home

HDL Residential Solutions

HDL residential solutions are discretely designed to compliment any decor with a variety of control panels in different colours, styles and finishes. Homeowners can control their HDL solutions using Android and iOS devices from anywhere in the world, providing convenience, security, and ease of use. Learn more.

HDL Commercial Solutions

When implementing an automation system in any commercial building, cost savings is usually the most important consideration. Lighting and HVAC account for around 70% of the total energy consumption in an average commercial building, but if HDL automation solutions are used, energy savings of at least 30% can be made. This level of cost savings can be made through the intelligent control of lighting, HVAC, and blinds/shutters and will also significantly reduce the building's environmental impact. Learn more.

HDL Hospitality Solutions

HDL automation systems seamlessly integrate with the existing Property Management Systems software utilised in many hotels. HDL can also provide their own guest room management software, enabling hotel staff to focus on running the hotel. With any HDL system, there's always a focus on minimizing energy costs and reducing environmental impacts. For example, HDL hospitality solutions can be programmed to automatically turn off all electrical appliances when guest rooms are empty, reactivating only when the guest re-enters the room. HDL technology provides customers with added comfort and convenience, and the hospitality venue with energy savings, enhanced security, and an easy-to-manage system from a centralised location. Learn more.

HDL Marine Solutions

HDL is at the forefront of marine automation, with solutions that provide their customers with complete comfort, convenience, and security. HDL technology brings automation systems to vessels of all sizes, enabling the effortless control of lights, blinds, desalinators, windlasses, HVAC, bilge pumps, and music. Users can use their phone or tablet to monitor every function of their vessel - from the fuel, and water status, to current heading, location, wind speed, battery level, and depth. Any marine vessel equipped with HDL technology is a safe vessel that has passed a rigorous quality control that will meet or exceed international marine electronics standards. Learn more.

HDL logo

State Opera Prague, Czech Republic - Customer Story

The State Opera in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, was built in the late 19th century. It boasts the largest stage and the highest seating capacity of all the theatres in Prague, and is one of the oldest state-owned cultural heritage sites in the Czech Republic. 

HDL were bought in to modernise the lighting system of the theatre and provide opera audiences with an immersive experience. Their chosen solution was a proven and easy-to-use KNX lighting control system with an emphasis on modular and bus solutions. The new lighting control system is much more efficient and helps to reduce time spent on scene settings with multi-scene control settings and various modes to set stage effects with one click. The automated KNX solution saves both energy consumption and time spent fault finding, with automatic status detection to notify technicians of any outages or issues. Read the full Prague State Opera story here.

Caption: Inside the State Opera Prague, Czech Republic
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