Theben are a quality manufacturer of building technology with a specialisation in motion sensors and actuators for KNX.  Recognised as one of the early adopters of KNX, they have a strong history of product development and excellent technical support.

Theben History

Theben GmbH is a family company founded in Black Forest of Germany in 1921. They started out making electrical time switches, which, along with motion sensors, have been off-the-shelf products ever since.   

Supplier Comment

“Working for Theben has shown me the importance of a strong team and a commitment to excellence. It is also the reason that Theben works closely with Ivory Egg as they have the same values, at both the company level and on a personal basis. I know the importance of great products with great support, and Theben, with Ivory Egg, bring them both to you exactly when and where you need them.”  -  Paul Foulkes (Theben UK)

Ivory Egg Comment

Theben are a key supplier to Ivory Egg, with stand-out products in their sectors of KNX actuators and sensors.  Their commitment to the global market is underpinned by a strong company culture to support integrator success. Theben's amazing engineers bring great products to market.
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More Theben Products

Theben produce a wide range of actuators and motion sensors with up-to-date features and functions that make life easier for the installer, and the control better for the building. With their own VDE test laboratory, all their products are tested to the highest global standards.


Theben produce stand-out KNX actuators for high-density switching, dimming, and shading control. Their actuators are highly reliable and enable manual control for pre-commissioning testing and screen terminals for easy connection.  Theben's zero-crossing and inrush management make their LED lighting relays long-lasting. Their heating actuators for underfloor and fan coil applications are packed with intelligent functions that make installation and integration a breeze.


The wide range of Theben's motion and presence sensors means there is the right sensor for every application, from wide-open spaces like classrooms, to corridors where long thin beams of detection are necessary, to presence detection in rooms to keep lights on whilst people are working.

The company acquired the swiss sensor company HTS who pioneered the PIR motion sensor and has remained at the forefront of the technology introducing new products that push forward the use of sensors into a wide range of applications.

Their latest presence detector, thePixa uses KNX optical presence detectors and opens up further applications with a great deal of added value for building occupancy and management. More information about thePixa.

Weather Stations

The Theben Meteodata weather stations are made with clear plastic, helping them blend into the built environment.  With measurement for wind speed, temperature, 3 x brightness, and rain, the sensors know with GPS the time of day and location, so can accurately control multi-facade shading.

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