Zennio produce a range of affordable and functional keypads, screens and actuators as well as a number of unique niche products that solve particular issues (like the KEM energy and water meter). 

About Zennio

Zennio have a 15-year history of commitment to the design and production of KNX products for the real estate sector, which has firmly placed them as one of the most innovative international manufacturers. 

  • employ more than 250 people,
  • manufacture and sell more than 250 KNX and CE certified products,
  • have more than 700,000 installed products,
  • have more than 10,000 executed projects,
  • are present in 117 countries.
  • Zennio website link


Their 'Flat' and 'TMD' switches offer customizable designs to match any application.  You can also add your own background, logo or icons using Zennio's online tool and finish off the walls of a house or hotel with something uniquely designed for that building that is bound to impress.

The Zennio approach of including standard functional blocks in their devices (eg. brightness controllers, thermostats) that are common across all the devices is very helpful and makes configuration easier. Zennio logic blocks are incorporated into many devices are very useful for that little bit of in-project logic where you need it.

Zennio Hotel Solutions

Zennio’s technology creates unique, full of magic hotels. Every guest can create their own experience and enjoy a daydream stay within these hotels, with features like online check-in, smartphone remote control, room temperature control, smart access control through mobile key or lighting control with stunning LEDs. 

Ivory Egg Comment

"Zennio have been a part of our preferred products list for many years.  With simple, clever and affordable products that are well supported we have found Zennio have a comprehensive solution for many installations."
Zennio logo

Especially Useful Products

Energy and Water Metering

The KEM input module has inputs for split-core transformers to measure current as well as water flow and temperature. 

Current measurement allows the module to return instantaneous and historical energy usage values, including CO2 usage and costs based on entered tariffs. This allows for graphing in management and visualisation software, and energy management of (for example) solar installations.

Water temperature readings can be used to determine underfloor heating flow and return temperatures.

Water flow measurement can be used to measure water usage over time or to provide an alert of a water leak if there is a sudden change in water use when the house is unoccupied.

Flexible Input Module 

The versatile RailQuad is a flexible input module that allows up to eight NTC temperature probes with known temp/resistance parameters to be connected to measure temperature.  This is particularly useful when another trade has installed underfloor probes instead of the known ones. It also contains thermostat logic functions for each input.

The Zennio 'dumb' ceiling motion sensor can also be connected for a low-cost hardware solution, although radial wiring is required for each sensor. 

Multifunction Screen

The Z35 and Z40 multifunction screens pack a heap of features into a simple to use, KNX bus connected screen that looks unobtrusive on the wall and is easy to use.

DIN Rail 4 Channel LED Driver

For a linear constant voltage LED strip, the DX4 is perfect for the distribution board. Powerful rating per channel (4 x 6A @24V) allows for longer runs and the centralised power supply can be board mounted.

Lighting under-cabinets, handrails, stair treads with LED strips add accent, task or access lighting. Controlling the light output at different levels depending on the time of day and use makes one light perform multiple functions. The DX4 is easy to programme with additional functions of sequencing, colour changing (for RGBW) strips and timed events.

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