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Supplier Spotlight - Lithoss

We’re delighted to be able to showcase Belgian designer and manufacturer Lithoss. 

As Lithoss’ only UK supplier we want to share the intelligent simplicity of their products with designers, architects and integrators to help inspire KNX project designs.         

Functional and simple yet refined  – Lithoss products shine in any setting from residential environments of all styles and sizes to hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.

About Lithoss

Lithoss is an internationally renowned design company that has been manufacturing design switches for fifteen years. Their products have been acclaimed the world over because of their unique design, functionality and quality.

Lithoss has built up an international record of references in the residential and hospitality project market, where their products work in perfect harmony with interiors and architectural spaces.

Prestigious projects include:  

Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Armani hotel Dubai

Fendi hotel Milano

Mariott hotel Pune & Mumbai

La Reserve Knokke

The details that provide Lithoss with its unique and exclusive character are the practically endless possibilities for so many options including:-

·       Functionality
·       Finish
·       Recessed or surface-mounted installation
·       Combination options
·       Personalisation

Do you have a preference for a certain finish to enhance the interior design?  Would you like to have another push button to improve the end user experience?  Maybe one personally engraved for true customisation?

Lithoss draws inspiration from you. Transform your interior into one sleek entity by means of the ‘flush’ option, which allows you to recess the switches into the wall thanks to a new mounting method – easier than ever before and highly recommended.

Next to the formal aspects, Lithoss also offers a broad range of different applications. Switches, sockets, USB chargers, sensors and thermostats, linked to the most advanced home automation systems: Lithoss makes it happen.

They have a fully integrated KNX sensor offering an extensive range of possibilities for the sleek finish of a beautifully integrated switch/sensor.

Thanks to their many options and seemingly endless combinations Lithoss has gained a strong reputation in the project market. After all, being able to choose a concept that can be integrated throughout a project is of crucial importance in this specific industry.




Lithoss Select is their renowned collection of hand-made switches and sockets. Thanks to its pure form, well-balanced dimensions and the exclusive solid finish the collection has grown into an absolute standard with timeless character.

Select has turned into an international trendsetter with an impressive track record of reference projects, including the five-star hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin and Armani Hotel Dubai (Burj Khalifa).

The series consists of a spectrum of 13 very diverse finishes, which allow you to customise your switches. The cover plates, for example, are available in any RAL colour. Thanks to the intensive process of radical innovation of materials and finishing techniques the Select concept is constantly evolving.

The Select collection is available in real metals, such as Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Brass.


With a vintage edge, Cockpit offers the ultimate design solution for renovation projects.

This 10-ampere two-way switch can be connected directly to your conventional installation.

Cockpit is available in the well-known stylish Lithoss Select finishes, including the collection’s bestseller Bronze Antique and public favourite Tin Antique. These finishes generate a striking effect in both traditional and ultramodern interiors.

The unique character of this Cockpit switch is not only expressed in the handmade finishing but also in the matching caps & toggles.

The cone shape creates a classic and timeless look whereas the knurl shape gives your switch that highly appreciated touch of vintage.


The Illume range combines switch, technology and lighting functions in one element. The frame diffuses the light on the four sides of the switch, creating a special atmosphere. The ‘glow in the dark’ feature determines the theme for each room, whether it is bright white, intense red, warm orange or powerful blue.

A switch and orientation glow in one brings your vivid imagination to light!


As a flush-mounted switch (submerged in the wall) this Lithoss design shines in all its glory. Squares can be sleekly integrated in any interior. The design harmoniously blends in and creates a space that is in perfect balance.

Squares works brilliantly with Lithoss’ flush frames to create a timeless effect.

Just the tip of Lithoss’ iceberg

The switches and control panels we have highlighted in this supplier guide are just one aspect of the extensive Lithoss range. They also produce a wide range of sockets, luminaires and KNX technology products to support KNX projects on any scale and any environment. All their products share the concept of intelligent simplicity, are created from premium materials and are of extremely high quality.

Ivory Egg can offer excellent logistics, product support and competitive pricing on the full Lithoss home technology range.

We have worked with Lithoss to create fully inclusive sample cases containing examples of all their most popular switch and keypad ranges. These cases are perfect for showcasing the elegance and simplicity of Lithoss’ products as well as the extensive range of finishes to inspire your clients.

For support with integrating Lithoss’ unique style into your next project, to purchase a Lithoss sample case or for further product information get in touch with our team on 0203 854 3555.

For downloads including Lithoss product catalogues and KNX technical documentation visit the Lithoss website

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