Product Guide

Theben - theServa S110

theServa S110 is a high-performance KNX solution enabling lighting, awning and heating systems via the app using a tablet or smartphone. The all-round solution comprises a server, set-up software and app for iOS and android.


  • theserva S110 is a high performance KNX visualisation solution for lighting, awning, and climate control via smart phone and tablet.
  • All-round solution comprising of a server, set-up software and app (iOS, Android)
  • The intuitive app user interface is able to control devices and also:
  • Display status and alarm messages and measured values as text or via predefined symbols
  • Show energy consumption in graphic format
  • Mix colours of RGB LEDs using a colour wheel
  • Integrate images from IP cameras
  • Control audio/video devices from almost all leading manufacturers via IR transmitter from IRTrans
  • Display current weather data and forecasts from the Internet or via KNX weather stations
  • Program time switch and calendar functions, as well as scenes
  • In addition to the functions above, theServa offers a complete range of other functions that run in the background, including:
  • Presence simulation
  • Solar position calculation with sunrise and sunset
  • Logic, multiplexer and filter functions
  • Linear combination
  • Calculation of complex mathematical functions
  • Notification via email and push notifications (iOS only)
  • Load management for automatic shutdown of consumers
  • Configuration is via theServa configurator
  • A theServa S110 miniserver from Theben is required to operate the software
  • Fanless miniserver designed for continuous operation
  • Mass storage on compact flash industrial grade
  • Integrated KNX interface with pluggable screw terminals
  • Integrated Ethernet port
  • Operating system: linux embedded

Technical data

Operating voltage KNXBus voltage, ≤5 mA
Operating voltage110 – 240 V AC
Frequency50 – 60 Hz
Stand-by consumption<1 W
Ambient temperature+0 °C … +50 °C
Type of protectionIP 20

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