Product Guide

ABB Meters, Current Transformers and KNX

With the ABB KNX meter interface module it is possible to integrate any of the meters from the ABB EQ range of single and three phase meters. 

All meters can provide the following information:

  • Active and reactive energy consumed 
  • Active and reactive energy exported
  • Instantaneous voltages and currents
  • Instantaneous powers and power factors (active, reactive and apparent power)
  • Instantaneous frequency

There are numerous meters available, each with different features sets, however the following are suitable for the majority of applications. They are all able to read active and reactive energy as well as import from the grid and export to the grid.

  • Single phase meter, 65A, Direct Connection (B21 212-100)
  • Single phase meter, 6A, Current Transformer (A42 212-100)
  • Three phase meter, 65A, Direct Connection (B23 212-100)
  • Three phase meter, 6A, Current Transformer (B24 212-100)

We also supply a range of solid core current transformers for various incoming supply sizes.

For details on the other meters available, get in touch with our sales team.