Product Guide

Big Ass fans and KNX

It is possible to control Big Ass Haiku series fans with 0-10V analogue output. To do this you will need the Haiku 0–10 V driver which can neatly hidden in the escutcheon of the fan. The Haiku 0–10 V driver has two inputs, one for the fan speed and one to control the integrated light. So for each fan you will need two channels of a KNX analogue actuator.

If you have multiple Haiku fans in the same room you can control them simultaneously as you can daisy chain up to 10 Haiku 0-10v drivers.

An output of 10v from the analogue actuator will trigger the fan to run at 100% and anything less than 1V will turn the fan off. The speed will be scaled in between the two values. The same logic applies for the light fitting. 

The Big Ass Fans 0-10v Driver (part no. 007343) needs to be ordered from the supplier of the fans.

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