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​Configuring Remote Access on the Gira Homeserver

Remote access can be used for the Quadclient app so the property can be controlled from afar or to program the system remotely.

The easiest way to set up remote access is to use the free Gira DNS server:

  1. In the project settings configure the network setting to 'Router - maintain connection (portal)'. The router and DNS addresses will need be entered in the normal way. The portal address is '' and password is the serial number of the Homeserver but this can be changed in step 3.
  2. Check the user used for programming has external access via User>User Rights>Administration then download to the Homeserver.
  3. Register the Homeserver on the Gira Portal ( and change access details if required.
  4. Set up port forwarding on the IP router to redirect an external port (freely selectable but 8080 is often used) to the internal Homeserver IP address and port (default:80) of the Homeserver. 
  5. The Homeserver should now be accessible via the DNS path configured on the portal with the port that was defined in the router e.g. A restart of the Homeserver may be required and the connection status can be seen on the Gira Portal.
  6. In the Quad client app, you can add the remote address as a second connection or create a new profile for remote access.

More details on how this is set up can be found in the Gira Training Academy in the general Homeserver training and the Homeserver network settings course.

For more information on the initial settings required for the Homeserver check out this article

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